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Schroth iNDi Seat kit uses a vacuum casting bag with a unique bead and slow cure resin mix making it a simple and professional system to fit any driver into any race car. The Schroth iNDi Seat kit gives the user control on where they need to be positioned for optimum performance and safety. Schroth iNDi Seat kit materials have been tested extensively at an FIA Approved Test Laboratory.

With our worldwide name already established in motor racing safety the Schroth iNDi Seat will bring extra benefits to every racing driver in any car. Our reputation is built on quality and unrivalled experience, which we are now proud to say extends to our Schroth iNDi Seat, with our technical support staff having over 18 years experience in making and selling seats in every championship, such as F1, NASCAR, GP2, IRL, BTCC, NHRA, F3, GP3,LMP, World Series by Renault, in fact too many to mention here, but rest assured the Schroth iNDi Seat is Racing’s Best Seat.


For every Schroth iNDi Seat sold we donate to the The Richard Burns Foundation. This foundation was created following the death of Richard Burns, the 2001 world rally champion, from an astrocytoma – a virulent form of brain tumour – in November 2005. It exists to recognise the people who display the same fortitude as Richard during their individual ordeals, giving them the means to face the future with confidence.

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How It Works

STEP ONE: Lay the bag onto a flat surface. Form a seat shape. Apply a slight vacuum. Put the bag into the car, get the driver into the car.
STEP TWO: If you have too many beads, remove bag, remove valve and empty beads. Once the driver is happy with the bead volume, driver out and remove bag.
STEP THREE: With the bag removed from the car, remove the valve. Mix resins. Please refer to instructions for resin ratio’s.
STEP FOUR: Pour resins into bag. You will see the resins fall into the bottom of bag. Re – fit valve.

STEP FIVE: Mix the resins and beads together. The beads will change colour when mixed. Will take 5 – 10mins.

STEP SIX: Form a seat shape again. Make sure you have removed creases, front and back.
STEP SEVEN: Put the bag back into the car. Take time to re-position the seat before the driver gets in. Get the driver back in.
STEP EIGHT: Make the seat. You can continue to make adjustments for 60mins from mixing.

Kit Sizes

Seat Kit Size GT Kit: 20 Litre
Ideal for replacing seat shell padding.
Designed to fit legs, lumbar or back area.

Seat Kit Size: 25 Litre
Ideal for Big Drivers in a tight cockpit or seat shell.
Designed to fit torso or legs etc.

Seat Kit Size: 30 Litre
Ideally suits – tight cockpits or a liner / insert inside a seat shell or extractable seat.
Applications: F1, GP2, Touring Car, LMP, Formula Ford, WSR, F3 & Historic cockpits with bigger drivers.

Seat Kit Size: 40 Litre
As above for 30 Litre but with a smaller driver.

Seat Kit Size: 50 Litre
Ideally suits – The Most Popular Single Seater Application, such as: Formula Renault, GP2, GP3, F3, World Series Renault plus LMP & also has been used for smaller drivers (and we mean SMALL!) in seat shells such as GT, Touring Cars & some extractable seats.

Seat Kit Size: 70 Litre
Ideally suits – like a 50 Litre to be a stand alone seat in open cockpits such as: Caterhams, Radical, Sports 2000, & also has been used for small drivers in Formula Renault, F3, IRL, Indy Lights & Super Formula.

Kit Contents:
 • Casting bag as listed above (Has an on/ off valve with filter)
 • Litres of beads as listed above (Impact absorption bead mix)
 • Resin & hardener (Resin has helpful colour dye to assist in mixing)
 • Funnel, Mixing Jug & mixing stick. Hose (For vacuum)
 • User Guide

New Products:
QUICK CURE RESIN – Can be used with GT KIT, 25 Litre kit & 30 Litre kit. Ideal for track seat fittings or urgent seat fittings, resin has a 30 minute working window, 10 minutes later it is cured and ready to trim. Currently being used successfully in BTCC, LMP1, LMP2 etc.

SIMULATOR SEAT – Sizes: Small/ Medium & Large – Developed for simulator use, vacuum only, allowing for multiple driver use, pre-inserted seat belt holes for six point harnesses, successfully used in F1 simulators. Contact us for more details on pricing & technical support.

Fitting & Covering Service

Schroth iNDi Seat is easy to make but we appreciate that you might not have the time to make your own Seat. So we offer a comprehensive Seat Fitting service for Teams and Drivers. Our Team of Seat Fitters have extensive experience in making Seats at all levels.We have a competitive and full Seat Fitting Service with our Partners Cobra Seats. Please contact us for prices, advice and availability.

The Seat Fitting Team

Chris Norton
Nathan Freke
Andrew Bentley

Tristan Cliffe
Paolo Pedersoli, Switzerland
Matt Blyth